Helping coaches get their
shit together business organised

Hi, I’m Ieva

I have helped numerous coaches gain clarity and time, so they can focus on what they love.

Most of my clients come to me because they want to take the next step in their business, but aren’t sure where to begin.

There is a lot of information out there on what you should be doing in your business and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, not knowing the best way forward.

I help you get clear on your business strategy and your target audience, choose the right marketing activities for your business and bring it all together in a way that works for you.

How I can support you

I help coaches get their business organised, choose the right marketing strategies and optimise their time, so they can focus on what they love

Tech Support

Email Marketing

Marketing Consulting

Content Generation

Branding & Web Design

Social media

What my clients say:

“Ieva is enthusiastic and pro-active. She is always one step ahead of me and makes suggestions that will add value to my business. I love the fact that I can rely on her to be on top of what work I need to do ON the business so that I can focus my attention on working IN the business.”

“I love working with you, Ieva! You know what you are talking about and have a very pragmatic approach to keep things simple and easy when it comes to developing a business. Your questions and process helped me clarify a whole bunch of stuff I wasn’t expecting and gave me really useful clarity and focus. Thank you so much!”

“Ieva was so professional, efficient and friendly. It made the whole process enjoyable. I would recommend her to anybody looking for business support”