A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Ieva, a web designer with years of marketing experience.

Based in York (UK), I spend most of my time traveling and working abroad together with my partner. You will often find me designing in a café with an oat latte and a cinnamon bun in hand. I have had the joy of working on and delivering projects from all over the world.

My passion for design blossomed early on, when I attempted to design my own teenage room when I was twelve. Numerous design magazines were flicked through and highlighted with ideas! They are still stacked in the corner of my old room as a shrine to where it all began.

I went on to study Advertising and Marketing Communications and working in various marketing roles, before I gradually transitioned back to my passion – design. I now pride myself on helping like-minded small business owners gain confidence in their brand, with the help of excellent design.

There is nothing that makes me tick more than a messy website, incoherent branding or design that ignores functionality. I help my clients develop a brand they can be proud of, as I firmly believe being proud of your business is key to its success.

With a background in marketing, I always approach design from a business perspective. Your website should be more than beautiful, it should help your business grow.